Following the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that viruses can wreak havoc on society. Whether you're running a healthcare facility or trying to keep your workforce safe, you may want to try certain medical supplies to keep everyone safe. Here are some of the supplies you should prioritise.

Hand Wash and Sanitiser Gel

Washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to keep viruses at bay. Alongside washing them every time you go to the toilet, you should wash them at regular intervals throughout the day. Providing your employees with a continuous supply of clinical-grade handwash is an excellent way to help them stay safe and keep others safe. You may also want to offer hand sanitiser, which contains a high volume of alcohol to kill germs. However, always emphasise that hand sanitiser shouldn't be used in place of handwashing. It acts as an adjunct to it.

Masks, Visors and Goggles

Facemasks can help to reduce person-to-person transmission of viruses. In order for them to remain effective, employees should change them every four hours. They should also change them if they cough or sneeze into them. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing masks, and some people may need to protect their eyes too. As such, you may want to include visors and Goggles on your list of medical supplies. Although visors aren't as effective as masks, they do offer some protection. Both visors and goggles can stop viruses from spreading via the wearer's eyes when someone coughs or sneezes near them. 

Gloves and Other PPE

Not every workplace requires gloves. However, if you're working in a clinical setting or if your employees engage in any form of cleaning routine then disposable gloves are essential. When choosing gloves, try to focus on those that are latex-free so they're easy for everyone in your workplace to wear. If your employees are likely to come into contact with infectious persons or their bodily fluids, you'll need other forms of PPE too. For example, plastic aprons and sleeves that they can place over their clothing. Before making your final decision on PPE, you may want to try a risk assessment of your workplace.

When you place your medical supplies order, consider whether you want automatic reshipments. Choosing automatic reshipments means you're unlikely to run out of items as time goes on. As a result, you can continuously keep your employees safe during virus outbreaks.

For more information about medical supplies, contact a local company, like AWA Medical.